Elevator tower fire protection with painting – Effective protection against standard fires

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With the help of Tikkurila’s products and services, Metallipalvelu Hartikainen Oy expanded its expertise and delivered fire-rated R60 steel structures to the office building.

Metallipalvelu Hartikainen Oy is a multifunctional company in the metal industry that, in addition to engineering and load bearing steel structure services, also designs, manufactures and sells products for industrial and agricultural use. The company has a long experience of Tikkurila’s products and painting in the company’s own paint shop.

Metallipalvelu Hartikainen delivered the steel structures of the elevator towers of the office building to be built to Alasen Rakennus Oy in Pirkanmaa and the Steel Stairs related to the elevator shaft. The structures require fire protection painting that requires special expertise, which the company has previously purchased from an external contractor. Now it was decided to implement fire protection itself. By doing the fire protection painting of the steel structure itself, the company saves on transportation and the whole is more logistically sensible.

“Usually, a relatively small part of the structures we deliver require fire protection painting. Buying small quantities from abroad is not very profitable from our point of view or from the contractor’s point of view. In addition, the delivery schedule is often tight,” says project manager Jukka Kirjavainen from Metallipalvelu Hartikainen.

The fire protection painting only required the purchase of a new spray gun and nozzles, but the company already had other equipment. The cost was low compared to the fact that the readiness for fire protection paintings also increases the company’s competitiveness, as it is able to serve its customers in a more versatile way.

The takeover of the new division had been in our minds for a long time and the matter had been discussed with a Tikkurila expert. The years of effective co-operation encouraged the choice of Tikkurila’s product for fire protection as well.

“Now was a good time and a suitable project to start fire protection painting in our own paint shop. Key account manager Paavo Kareinen from Tikkurila was involved in guiding and supervising the whole project. We got an excellent introduction to the product.”
– Project Manager Jukka Kirjavainen, Metallipalvelu Hartikainen

KoneAgria 2021 – MPH Trailer 21 was received brilliantly

Customers were particularly pleasantly surprised by the product’s load capacity of 17.5 tonnes. In addition, good work quality was praised. The trade fair guests who visited the stand were also surprised by MPH Extension Boom, as they did not know that such existed. With this product, the range of excavators increases and the job opportunities increase.


MPH Products

New MPH Trailer model on KoneAgria 2021

MPH Products has developed a new product that is a continuation of the previous three-axle Trailer. The new model is MPH Trailer 21 with a load capacity of 17.5 tons. This product can transport 16 tons of earthmoving machines really well. Due to the large load capacity of the product to the size class, additional buckets and fuel tanks can be picked up without any restrictions on the load capacity.

The product follows the high load capacity of the previous Trailer models, robust axles and M-Class tires. The size of the drum brakes is 300×200. The product is available with track rails, hydraulic ramps, behind the triangular part, ramp spreading parts, road tractor lights and spreading lights as well as work lights.

The product is shown at the KoneAgria trade fair and we are in Lantmännen Agro’s stand A100. Welcome to our new product!



MPH Products

We can deliver MPH Ditch Ploughs asap

The max. working speed of MPH Ditch Plough is 8.5 km/h and 1,3 m deep ditches are doable at once. The working speed of MPH Ditch Plough is rather nice and our reference is around 4 km/h taking into account the turns and transition between the field blocks. The minimum recommended tractor size is 130 hp and 6000 kg. Dual wheels in a tractor increase traction and make job easier.
We have products in stock – So we can deliver asap!

Please find enclosed link to product viodeo;



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