Marko Sadinmaa and MPH Small Wood Collector

Marko Sadinmaa (Sadinmaa Marko Tmi) is beef cattle producer from Tornio Finland. He has beef breeder, where are around 850 bovines. Marko has around 225 hectares of field to feed his cattle. Marko has a growing need for field areas and he has collected small wood pieces by MPH Small Wood Collector after first ploughing. Marko has cleared 10 hectares new fields each year during last five years.

This is the link to the article, where Marko tells his toughts about MPH Small Wood Collector; Marko Sadinmaa and Small Wood Collector – Article


Metallipalvelu Hartikainen Oy (MPH Products)

MPH Products New Distributor in Austria

LTS Landtechnik Stöckel GmbH from Austria has started as a distributor of MPH Products. LTS Landtechnik is a family owned business who also has its own agricultural activity. LTS Landtechnik is located in Vienna, where they have a workshop, warehouse, shop and training center. They make  presentations of represented products in their close fields. They have a nationwide dealer network.


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