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In a growing and developing livestock farm, the machines must remain up to date. The rugged domestic MPH Trailer 30 solved the transport needs for Vesa Eronen’s excavator.

Vesa Eronen’s Nenore Oy, a large beef cattle farm in the province of Karelia, is located in North Karelia. Particularly in recent years, the farm has grown rapidly: the number of young cattle rearing farms is already around two thousand. There are six dairy cattle breeding cows. The bull calves that come to the farm as a by-product of dairy cattle stay on the farm for about a year.

On a large farm, the machines are also subject to a real test. Volumes of use and needs require.

“The equipment must keep up with growth,” says Vesa Eronen.

This year, the farm has a refurbished stage, as the former began to feel light on its uses. The selection fell on a new Finnish-made machine transport trailer, MPH Trailer 30.

– The robustness and versatility of the stage were attractive. I believe this will be operational in the next couple of decades.

There is always a big need for a pull, a lot on in a large farm. Eronen says he needs up to a thousand hours of his own excavator every year, so the need to move the machine is high. The excavator is moved on a trailer, and with Erosen’s use, the own machine is absolutely needed.

– Renovation of fields and drainage systems are done when there is time for other work. Having your own trailer is the easiest solution as you don’t have to fit a schedule with others.

For short distances, the loading speed is decisive

On the farm, a trailer is used especially for transporting an excavator from one side of the farm to another, or further afield. There are a lot of short, fast transfer distances, and long distances are less frequent.

– If the transport need is only half a kilometer, it is important to get it on board quickly.

Eronen’s farm is paved with courtyards and barn environments, so transporting a excavator on a short distance is the only sensible option.

– For a stable trailer, a heavy excavator is safe to ride on. This is more robust than many import trailers.

The Eronen’s trailer features optional hydraulic drive bridges for faster loading. This is an advantage when there are a lot of uses. In addition, the trailer adapts to different transport needs: in addition to the excavator, Eronen transports smaller machines, bulk and fertilizer and seed bags. Trailer also has lashing points in the middle, so loads of different sizes can be safely transported.

– And the drive bridge takes also smaller machines, Eronen adds.

Stable to pull in different environments

The farm owner says he usually hauls a trailer with a midsize tractor, although sometimes a bigger machine is needed to drive. Eronen praises the trailer’s technical carrying capacity and robust axles.

– They are enough for the much needed payload, more than that. The same is true with the brakes. Therefore, the trailer must be pulled steadily on the road.

Distant fields in Joensuu are a few dozen kilometers away from the farm center.

– The excavator goes there too, because there is enough capacity in the suspension. MPH Trailer 30 does not tilt too much in the inner bow.

After a few months of use, Eronen has come to appreciate many of the new features of his trailer. For example, he likes about roller drivers especially in the winter. Roll do not hold transversely unless the guide is supporting it. Drivers increase safety when driving and moving from one place to another.

– In use, tie points in the middle of the trailer, overhead lights and adjustable towbar are important. The tractors do have towbar at different heights.

Domesticity was also one of the weighty factors of choice for Eronen. The product development and manufacturing of MPH Trailer 30 is taking place in Juuka Finland.

– If needed, help can be found in Finland and the creator of the stage is easily reachable.

MPH Trailer 30

• 3 axles
• Load capacity 25 tons
• Total weight 30 tons
• Aisle suspension with spring
• Spring-loaded drive axles and hydraulic brakes as standard
• There are steel hydraulic hoses at the chassis
• Space for shovel, iron rod and brush
• Adjustable and rotating towbar (load 3000 kg)
• New Sailun brand tires (not retreaded)
• Farm tractor lights

Plus, a comprehensive range of accessories is available – check the exact product information.

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MPH Products in OKRA Farm Fair

The new product of MPH Products, MPH Trailer 30, was premiered at the OKRA Fair in Oripää Airport on July 3-6, 2019. The product aroused great interest and we were busy throughout the fair.
MPH Grader 30 is on sale at Lantmännen Agro merchants’ stores in Finland and other dealers listed. MPH Product deliveries will begin in late 2019. MPH Lavetti 30 has been well received by merchants and many of them have taken the product to the yard.


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