Marko Sadinmaa and MPH Small Wood Collector

Marko Sadinmaa (Sadinmaa Marko Tmi) is beef cattle producer from Tornio Finland. He has beef breeder, where are around 850 bovines. Marko has around 225 hectares of field to feed his cattle. Marko has a growing need for field areas and he has collected small wood pieces by MPH Small Wood Collector after first ploughing. Marko […]

Vesa Eronen and MPH Grader 7.0

Vesa Eronen is beef cattle producer from Liperi Finland. He has a beef cattle breeder, where are around 1450 bovines. He has about 500 hectares of field area plus rented fields to feed his cattle. Vesa has used MPH Grader 7.0 since 2015 for modifying fields. Please read Vesa’s thoughts about MPH Grader 7.0 in […]

MPH Products New Distributor in Austria

LTS Landtechnik Stöckel GmbH from Austria has started as a distributor of MPH Products. LTS Landtechnik is a family owned business who also has its own agricultural activity. LTS Landtechnik is located in Vienna, where they have a workshop, warehouse, shop and training center. They make  presentations of represented products in their close fields. They […]

MPH Products in Poland

MPH Products took a part for Business Finland trip to Poland. The Finnish companies products were introduced for Polish press, organizations and retailer companies. MPH products got very nice contacts and visability. The Finnish Company interviews were done by film crew, who gave the film to Polish National TV and the film was showed in daily […]

Machine Days in Kokkola city on 3rd of November 2017

We participated for Machine Days of Lantmännen Agro Kokkola, who is our local dealer of agricultural machines. We put up our Baletrailer and Grader 5.3 on the show. We were pleasently surprised how much our Baletrailer got attention! Also our Grader 5.3 were in many discussions and its features were discussed widely. The producs are […]