Trailer 21

MPH Trailer 30 and 30XL have got a "little brother". The total weight of the 2-axle trailer is 21 tons and the load capacity in its size class is a fine 17.5 tons. With this trailer, a 16-ton excavator can be transported with accessories without any problems. Note! This trailer can transport machines and small items 50 km/h with hydraulic brakes and 60 km/h with air brakes in accordance with the law.

MPH Trailer 21 has proven accessories from the larger “big brothers”.

MPH Trailer 21 has a fixed drawbar and a drawbar eye that rotates. MPH Trailer 21 also comes with extension, work and lights for tractors traveling over 40 km/h.

  • MPH Trailer 21 is intended for demanding transfer of agricultural and earthmoving machinery.
  • The axle construction is durable and the brakes are hydraulic. Separate parking brake.
  • The ramps are made of high-strength steel (S650MC) and the yield strength is 650 MPa.
  • The front slot has a transport place for mounting accessories.
  • Load capacity 17.5 tons, total weight 21 tons.
NameMPH Trailer 21
MeasuresLenght 7,2 m
- l, w and hnorm. 5,8; 2,55 ja 0,93 m
Tyres8x215/75/17,5; M+S (10 bolts)
Tolas mass21 t
Load capacity17,5 t
Drum brakes300x200
Lock points22 pcs
FloorPressure impregnated wooden floor (thickness 50 mm)
Options:Retrofitting also on the delivered trailer
Hydraulic Bale Side Supports (Will come later)
Track guides
- 750x350x450 mm
Hydraulic ramps
Triangle platform at back
- lenght 1,4 m
Ramp narrowings/extensions
Lights for tractors travelling over 40 km/h
Extension lights
Working lights
Air brakes