Trailer 30 and 30XL

These trailers can transport machines and small items 50 km/h with hydraulic brakes and 60 km/h with air brakes in accordance with the law.

Now it's available. A longer version, MPH Trailer 30XL.
The loading lenght is 9,7 m, sloping section is 1,4 m.
Both trailers, MPH Trailer 30 and 30XL are available with air brakes.

New Product Option - MPH Trailer 30 and 30XL with hydraulic bale side supports. Hydraulic Bale Side Supports are available for the delivered MPH trailers.

MPH Trailer 30 has sprunged drawbar, which rotates and is adjustable as with standard delivery. MPH Trailer 30 also comes with turn-on, work and lights for tractors travelling over 40 km/h.

  • MPH Trailer 30 is a solution for demanding agriculture and construction machines transport.
  • Axle structures are durable and brakes are adjusted hyraulically on each axle. Brake system comes with a handbrake.
  • Ramps are made from high-strength steel (S650MC) and the yield strengt is 650 MPa.
  • The front slot has a transport location for fastening accessories.
  • Hydraulic lifting of the front axle as an option.
  • Technical Load capacity 25 tons, total weight 30 tons.
  • Hydraulic Bale Side Supports, Triangle Platform at rear is not needed.
NameMPH Trailer 30MPH Trailer 30XL
Measures L 8,2 mL 9,7 m
- norm. l, w and h6,8; 2,55 and 0,93 m8,3; 2,55 and 0,93 m
Tyres12x215/75/17,5; M+S (10 bolts)12x215/75/17,5; M+S (10 bolts)
Drum brakes300x200 (load sensing)300x200 (load sensing)
Lock points26 pcs26 pcs
FloorPressure impregnated wooden floor (thickness 50 mm)Same
Options:Retrofitting also on the delivered trailerRetrofitting also on the delivered trailer
Hydraulic Bale Side SupportsSame but longer
Track guidesSame but longer
Big toolboxSame
- 120x250x400 mm
- 750x350x450 mm
Hydraulic rampsSame
Hyd. front axle liftSame
Triangle platform at backSame
- length 1,4 m
Deck extensionsSame but longer
Ramp extensionsSame
Lights for tractors travelling over 40 km/hSame but with longer wires
Extension lightsSame but with longer wires
Working lightsSame but with longer wires
Air brakesSame but with longer tubes