Small Wood Collector

MPH Small Wood Collector collects annoying small wood pieces from the field into a 4 m3 tank.
The small pieces of wood you collect can be stacked in one place because the load can be tipped.
MPH Small wood collector aerates fields and fields.
Garbage collection is also successful.

MPH Small Wood Collector is a fast tool for gathering debris, small wood pieces and plastics from a wide area. It also improves your field productivity.

  • The spiked drum collects the wood pieces into the container where you can further use the small wooden pieces you have collected.
  • There is a dumper and you can drain the load to the place you want.
  • Small Wood Collector has been used in peat jobs for decades.
  • Automatically adjustable height for the tire drum.
NameMPH Small Wood Collector
Capacity3 ha/h
Operating speed15 km/h
Working width2,4 m
Hydraulics1 pc 1-action valves and 1 pc 2-action valves
Weight2500 kg
Minimum tractor size75 hp, 3000 kg