Screw Leveler

MPH Screw Leveler is efficient earth-moving machine.
Transfer of ditched soil is fast according to experience.
MPH Screw Leveler has often used for leveling of set-aside fields.

The MPH Screw Leveler is a quick field leveler that is also suitable for transverse earthwork of fine ground material. MPH Screw Leveler is the master of transversal earthing and alignment!

  • Suits very well for fields and marshes leveling. Also suitable for lateral transfer of fine earth materials.
  • Really wet soil moves well.
  • The structure is made of high strength steel and a screw thread made of wear steel.
  • Fully hydraulically adjustable. You can adjust the angle of the screw element, as well as the rotation speed of the screw.
  • The transmission is protected by an overload switch.
  • Hydraulic operation makes it easy to swing to the road transport position - it takes only few minutes.
NameMPH Screw Leveler
Working widthEven up to 6 m
Transport widthOnly 3,5 m
Lenght8,8 m
Screw diameter0,65 m
Weight4000 kg
Hydraulics3 pcs 2-action valves
Minimum tractor size200 hp, 7000 kg
Leveling laser with double-tilt and mast
A mast available as separate option
Traction device
Hydraulic brakes