Other Products

MPH Tire Rack

The MPH Tire Rack is designed for storing and transporting truck and other vehicle tires.

  • The lifting and unloading of the tires is made easy to use.
  • The rack has the position of forklifts.
  • You can store the racks on top of each other, the single rack can hold up to 10 22.5-inch tires.

MPH Cover Spreader

MPH Cover Spreader is intended for transferring and spreading peel rolls.

  • Suitable for timber grab, front loader or excavator.
  • Cover spreader width adjustable - Roll width 4 to 6 m.


  • Cost-effective solution for land allocation and marking
  • Made according to SFS 4940 standard
  • VTT-C certified
  • Metallic Rajax landmarks do not molder and do not need maintenance