Snow Blower

Is the wet snow a problem?
Is your snow blower jamming?
Are cramped workplaces difficult?

As a result of Finnish design, MPH Snow Blower is a high-strength snow blower for Arctic conditions.

  • The best snow blower with excellent wet snow penetration in the market. Wear-resistant plastic inner surfaces on Inner wings as standard.
  • MPH Snow Blower with fixed spiral and throwing impellers or centrifugal floating impeller wings - you get your job done quickly and securely.
  • The cramped workplaces are no longer a problem. The short and wide structure of MPH Snow Blower will help you to do your job even if snow has fallen more than normal.

NameMPH Snow Blower
Max. working width2,9 m
Reduction gear540 rpm
Diameter of throwing nest102 cm
Weight910 kg
Minimum tractor size90 hp, 4000 kg