Do you need many machines to collect bales?
Do you appreciate the safe transport of bales?
Are the bales collected without damages?
Is your time wasted for tying the bale loads?

MPH Baletrailer is powerful, fast and safe. You only need one machine to move the bales safely to the farm center.

  • Loading and unloading is quick with its own mechanism. You save time and need only one equipment.
  • Do not damage bales when loading, transporting or unloading. Bale protection is guaranteed.
  • MPH Baletrailer is equipped with the brakes. Stopping of fully loaded baletrailer is safe.
  • Low center of gravity, which prevents the load from moving.
  • Bale diameter 1.46 m, max. Load capacity 10 ton.
  • MPH Baletrailer is with road permits.

NameMPH Baletrailer
Load space10 bales
Lenght8,3 m
Width2,6 m
HeightOnly 3 m
Weight3800 kg
Tyres550/45 R22,5
Minimum tractor size90 hp, 5000 kg