Are the copses a problem?
Does the tearing of copses cause problems?
Do you want a safe equipment to remove copses?

The MPH Mulcher is safe to work - no creeping tracks. It's a professional choice.

  • MPH Mulcher is designed for demanding contracting purposes.
  • The cutting heads spin by a belt driven hydraulic motor – MPH Mulcher can be used for the heavy duty copses.
  • MPH Mulcher has three quick-changeable discs with blades or chains. It works like centrifugal machines. Discs are at different heights with each other, chains or blades do not collide.
  • Wearing parts can be replaced without tools.
  • Hydraulic operation makes it easy to swing to the road transport position.
  • With a 1.7 m version of the working width is available - two discs with chains or blades.

NameMPH Mulcher
Working width2,25 m
Weight510 kg
Hydraulic engineParker F12-60
Oil requirement110 l/min